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Notarial Services

In September 2023, our founder, Dinesh Sadhwani, was appointed as a notary public under the Notaries Public Act 1959 of Malaysia. Below are some frequently-asked-questions on our notarial services. If you have a question which is not covered here or require any clarification, please contact us.

What functions can a Malaysian notary perform?
A Malaysian notary can, amongst others, attest to signatures on or certify documents for use outside Malaysia.

Can I walk-in or is a prior appointment required?
Please contact us with reasonable advance notice to schedule an appointment. We are unfortunately unable to accomodate walk-ins.

Can you attest to a signature on a document if the purported signatory is not personally present?
We require the signatory to be personally present and sign the document before us.

Can the notarisation be conducted remotely / digitally or over a video call?

Can you certify a document without sighting the original document?
We do need to sight the original. If the actual document (e.g. bank statement or utility bill) is only available in a digital form, we will need to sight the document in its digital form vide your phone, laptop or tablet.

Can you certify a document (e.g. passport) if the bearer is not present?
We may do so at our discretion. It depends on various factors, including the nature and purpose of the document, relationship between the bearer and person present before us and reasons for the bearer's absence. We may require evidence of the parties' relationship (e.g. birth or marriage certificate) and other supporting documents. In these circumstances, we will not be able to certify the likeness of the purported bearer against the photograph of the named bearer in the document.

What information or documents do you require to attend to a notarisation?
We will need to know the purpose or use of the notarised document. Please also have ready both the original and sufficient required copies of the document in question. We will also require you to produce your original identification document (e.g. identity card or passport) and furnish your full contact details (including an address in Malaysia). The foregoing is non-exhaustive and we may require additional information and documents.

Once we make an appointment, are you entitled to decline providing your services?
Yes, we are. We reserve the right to decline to provide our services at our sole and absolute discretion, including if there has been a misreprensation of the information provided to us or we suspect that the documents may be used for fradulent or other unlawful purposes.

What are your fees?
Notarial fees are prescribed by the Notaries Public (Fees) (No 2) Rules 1981. The fees will vary depending on, amongst others, the following:
- the type of document in question and notarial service required (for example, attesting to the signature of a statutory declaration / affidavit or certifying an identification document).
- any additional requirements (with / without seal and with / without notarial certificate).
- number of copies required.

What types of payment do you accept?
Payment may be made either by bank transfer or cash and must be paid and received in advance. We are unable to accept credit cards, electronic wallet or other forms of payment.

Can you attend to notarial services outside your office, on weekends or public holidays or outside office hours? Will there be additional charges?
It depends on various factors, including the location and our availability. Additional charges will be applicable for attendances outside our office, on weekends or public holidays or outside office hours.

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